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Maintain Overlays


This is a brief guide to describe the necessary steps to update a port from an overlay repository.


The right order to maintain overlays is: core-arm, opt-arm, xorg-arm, <officially-supported_device>-arm, <officially-supported_device>-arm, ...
This means that we should not start with a port from opt-arm if there is a pending update port from core-arm.


Get a copy of devtools.git and use to look for new available updates upstream:

 $ core-arm
 Results for overlay: core-arm
 PORT                 VERSION              UPSTREAM
 util-linux           2.24-1               2.24.1-1 (core)

Note that you must run 'ports -u' before use to be sure you are up-to-date

If there are available updates we must to know the differences applied upstream.
For this case we should go to CRUX upstream's gitweb interface:;a=commitdiff;h=53bc70dfcd7e28cc2996e7e2e0bda297fe955588

If upstream changes are trivial as increment the version number, then apply the same difference to the Pkgfile and build the port:;a=commitdiff;h=65ff2db684cdd1de1ab24cb517d2b7dc56bd4ac9
However, if something must be adapted to ARM devices then it will need more work.

At the end, if we can't update the port overlay then we should file a ticket with all the research progress we made.
The ticket must be tagged as task type: Update Request, and it should contain a brief description of the problem, and all the needed info to reproduce it. Also it would be fine to append all the research info, useful url links, etc.

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