ID Project Category Task Type Severity  desc Summary Status Progress
62 CRUX-ARM initramfs Bug Report High initramfs: fix weird problems related to mdev Assigned 50%
61 CRUX-ARM kernel/efikamx Bug Report High efikamx: Review kernel options Researching 0%
67 CRUX-ARM initramfs Bug Report Low initramfs: problem with e2fsck Requires testing 50%
56 CRUX-ARM general Feature Request Low MAKEFLAGS should not fail if defined greater than 1 job Researching 80%
24 CRUX-ARM documentation Improvement Low Configuration per device Assigned 0%
12 CRUX-ARM kernel/omap850 Bug Report Low omap850: current version 2.6.25 gives problems with ude... Researching 30%
2 CRUX-ARM devtools Improvement Low redirect stdout while running the scrip... Assigned 0%
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