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Release Notes for CRUX-ARM 2.6


This page discusses relevant features related to CRUX-ARM 2.6 and differences between toolchains and kernels released.


CRUX-ARM 2.6 includes glibc 2.10.1, gcc 4.4.2, binutils 2.19.1.
The toolchain is splited in two flavours depending on the target device:

Supported devices


All kernels depend directly on devices developments, as there are some obsolete/stalled ones or in development (slow).
We try to group all those developments and test them on these devices.
These are the ones working in 2.6:

Important changes

There are two different releases based on the suported ABI.
We provide a set of core packages as a root file system in crux-arm-rootfs-2.6, ready to be deployed on the devices depending in how they manage the media.
There is more info in device's documentation. Here there are the options: