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History and name

CRUX-ARM is a port of CRUX distribution to ARM devices and was born in the beginning of 2009.


The primary focus of CRUX-ARM is provide a port of CRUX distribution to ARM devices. It follows CRUX guidelines, trying to keep in mind the KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid) concept and share characteristics. It's targeted to experienced linux (and better CRUX) users. CRUX-ARM's secondary focus is to provide a collections of tools to let users build a CRUX system from scratch. It's a very customizable framework. At first sight the framework provides:

The objective is to provide users a release with the minimal software (core collection, which can be saw in the release notes) We provide a way to build custom packages (standard or optimized by arch device like is explained in the documentation) letting users expand the system in an easy way to cross-build packages in addition to the common/native method. This cross method is useful on systems where compiling is slow (due to low or old resources).

The project

CRUX-ARM is a non-profit project and it's managed by volunteers. The system team maintains the server, updates the framework, provides root filesystem, toolchain, and kernel releases for every device and a set of ports which can be cross-compiled to build packages. We invite you to join us and contribute.

Supported hardware

At the moment the current hardware we are working on can be found in the supported devices section. We currently do not have more hardware on which to test. If you have a device where can be run a linux kernel and you want to give CRUX-ARM a try, just contact us to help you to include the device kernel into the framework.

How to contribute

You can find info about how to contribute in the documentation section.

System Team



You can find how to contact with members in the comunity page.