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Release Notes for CRUX-ARM 2.7.1


This page discusses relevant features related to CRUX-ARM 2.7.1.
We started support to newer SOCs using on-chip floating point units (hardfp). For now, since efikamx is the unique device with floating point support that we have then we only provide a hardfp release for it.


The toolchain is splited in two flavours depending on the target device:

CRUX-ARM 2.7.1 includes glibc 2.12.2, gcc 4.5.2, binutils 2.20.1. The secondary toolchain with hardfp support includes glibc 2.13, gcc 4.6.1, binutils 2.21.1

Supported devices


Important changes

We provide a set of core packages as a root file system in crux-arm-rootfs-2.7.1, ready to be deployed on the devices depending in how they manage the media.
There is more info in device's documentation. Here there are the options:

As an alternative, we are still working in a new install method, which provides a device tree customized for devices including bootloader files, kernel and the core collection packages. For now we are providing some files for efikamx devices: