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Release Notes for CRUX-ARM 3.1


This page discusses relevant features related to CRUX-ARM 3.1. Everybody upgrading from the previous release is advised to carefully read the following notes.

Toolchain updates

CRUX-ARM 3.1 includes glibc 2.19, gcc 4.8.3 and binutils 2.24

Supported devices

The generic release should work on all capable ARM devices (SOCs with hardfp support).
Also there are some optimized releases for officially supported devices: cubieboard, cubieboard2, efikamx and raspberrypi.


The oldest kernel supported by glibc is 2.6.25


We provide a set of core packages as a root file system in crux-arm-rootfs-3.1, ready to be deployed on the devices depending in how they manage the media.
There is more info in device's documentation.

Optimized releases

We provide some optimized releases for devices supported officially.
All packages inside these releases are compiled with optimized compiler flags for each device:

Incompatible changes and important notes

It's recommended to read carefully these CRUX release notes before upgrading: